PROGRAM - 1st BN (MP) 223rd Regiment RTI


1st Battalion (MP), 223rd Regional Training Institute trains Soldiers and develops "agile and adaptive" Military Police leaders who are well grounded in Army values, war fighting tasks, MP technical skills, and doctrine, preparing Soldiers capable of executing the core MP functions in support of Military Police, Army, and Joint Force Commanders conducting unified land operations in any operational environment.


​ ​ 31B​ Basic Military Police - Course Schedule
​FY17 31B Phase I​2 Weeks 0 Days191-31B10(R) Ph I
​​FY17 31B Phase II​​2 Weeks 0 Days191-31B10(R) Ph II


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(805) 782-6787

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(805) 782-6787

223rd Regiment (RTI)
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