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The 223rd Regiment, Regional Training Institute (RTI) programs and provides institutional training and qualification within Military Police, Quartermaster, Transportation, and Ordnance Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) Career Management Fields (CMFs) and Additional Skill Identifiers (ASI); and provides Officer Candidate School (OCS), Warrant Officer School (WOCS) and NCO Professional Education (NCOES) based on the collective requirements identified by the Army National Guard and the Army Program for Individual Training (ARPRINT) for all components; the ARNG, the United States Army Reserve (USAR), the Active Component (AC). Additionally, the RTI provides individual training, leader development, administrative, logisitical, and training management support as required to accomplish the missions of the CAARNG as specified and approved by the Commander CAARNG and The Adjutant General (TAG).

Core Competencies

Welcome to the 223rd Regiment (RTI)

Greetings and welcome to the 223rd Regiment (RTI), the California Army National Guard's premier training school house for military personnel. 

Here at Camp San Luis Obispo, training is conducted in highly professional standards using the latest programs of instruction and high tech automation and equipment to present the student with as positive a learning experience as can be obtained within The Army School System or TASS. Our instructors are but the best the California Army National Guard has to offer and they take great pride in presenting first class instruction to the many student visitors that attend both from within and out of California.

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1st BN (MP) 223rd Regiment RTI BN (MP) 223rd Regiment RTI 31B MOSQ Military Police
2nd BN (MTB) 223rd Regiment RTI BN (MTB) 223rd Regiment RTI92Y MOSQ, OCS, & WOCS
3rd BN (TC) 223rd Regiment RTI BN (TC) 223rd Regiment RTI88M MOSQ and Driver's Training

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1st BN (MP) 223rd Regiment RTI BN (MP) 223rd Regiment RTI text/html; charset=utf-8 Program