Commander’s vision for Bravo Company. A professional, aggressive, battle-focused unit able to fight and win on any battlefield.


Bravo Company recruits, trains, equips, prepares, and sustains soldiers to fight and win the nation’s battles, mobilize for other federal contingencies; respond to domestic emergencies and community support missions.

Core Competencies

​Warfighting is our business

Everything we do, from maintenance to taking care of our families, is focused on victory on the battlefield. We will do this through tough, realistic and safe training. We must continually challenge ourselves to maintain a battle-focus in everything that we do.

Training and Safety

Leaders plan, resource, execute, and assess all training. Training will be conducted IAW the company training schedule, which is a contract between planners and executors. To minimize turbulence in the lives of all soldiers, these training schedules will be published in advance to allow subordinate leaders to execute TLP’s. The Army is dangerous business. The weapons and equipment we employ kill and maim without discriminating between friend or foe. Although we must always strive for tough, realistic training, we will never place an individual in a situation that holds the risk of injury or death. Safety is everyone’s responsibility and we all need to continually assess and monitor actions within the company through proper risk mitigation. Never hesitate to speak out and correct an unsafe act.

Maintenance and Accountability

As a light infantry force, physical fitness and accountability are critical to our survival and success on the battlefield. Take pride and maintain your physical fitness and equipment as if they were your own, maintaining them at the highest standards at all times. Never lose sight of the fact that your equipment can and will save your life only if it functions properly. We must always be able to shoot, move, and communicate in order to accomplish any mission. Maintenance of soldiers is dually important. A soldier PT program is the foundation. Find time during services and AOA to complete soldier actions-counselings, awards, and TA-50.

Teamwork and Discipline

Strength comes through cooperation and unity. We work together as a company to support this battalion, and we are only as strong as our weakest link. Share ideas and experience to make each other and our company better. Working together as crews, sections, squads, and platoons will lead to success. Discipline means doing the right thing whether or not someone is watching. Officers will set and meet standards; NCO’s meet and enforce standards; soldiers meet and exceed standards. Whether out in the field or in garrison I expect this to be enforced through proper use of the chain of command. I will not tolerate any violations of integrity.


Professionalism sets us apart from many armies of the world. It encompasses such concepts as integrity, respect for both seniors and subordinates, and self development. Be honest in everything you do. Always chose the harder right over the easier wrong. Take care of and look out for both your soldiers and your leaders. Treat others with dignity and respect. Take time to ask yourself what you could do to make yourself a better soldier or leader, and do something about it.

Caring for soldiers and families

While training hones are warfighting skills, our families are what keep us going. Keep them informed. Ensure they are prepared for your possible absence and support the family support group. Support the FRG program, for our soldiers are also our family. Leaders must use their experience to help soldiers ensure that both their personal and family matters are cared for.

​Significant Dates:        ​August 20041-184th Infantry mobilized for deployment to Baghdad, Iraq.​January 2005​1-184th Infantry deployed to Baghdad, Iraq.​September 2005​1-184th Infantry (soldiers not deployed to Iraq) deployed to New Orleans, Louisiana.​October 2005​1-184th Infantry (soldiers not deployed to Iraq) return from New Orleans. Additional 1-184th Infantry soldiers not deployed to Iraq) deployed to New Orleans, Louisiana.​​November 2005​Remaining 1-184th Infantry (soldiers not deployed to Iraq) return from New Orleans. ​January 2006​ 1-184 Infantry returns from a year long deployment to Iraq.​May 2006​Charlie Company 1-185 Infantry is now part of Bravo Company 1-184 Infantry.​August 2006​Bravo Company / 1-184 Infantry deployed to San Jose, California as part of Operation Aero Shield.​​September 2006​Bravo Company, 1-184 Infantry returns from deployment to San Jose, California as part of Operation Aero Shield.​​October 2006​Bravo Company, 1-184 Infantry received an award from the City of San Jose for augmenting security at San Jose International Airport during Operation Aero Shield.​​May 2007​Bravo Company, 1-184 Infantry deploys to Camp Roberts to train and document 900 1-143 FA Soldiers on Warrior Tasks in preparing them for Iraq.​Contact Information: Anthony K. BangloyCPT, IN, CA ARNGCommandingB Co, 1-184 Infantry RegimentBravo Company Armory: (925) 829-0223




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