​To command and control assigned and attached units. Plan and direct selected direct combat service support to units located in or passing through the Group's assigned area of operations. To plan and direct the provision of general supply and maintenance support. Serve the State of California by providing logistical support during floods, wildfires, earthquakes, and other natural disasters; assist law enforcement agencies during civil disturbances and other state emergencies. 

Core Competencies

​​​My command philosophy is practical and straight forward, Take care of your soldiers. Soldier care is the cornerstone of all missions, tasks, and achievements. Senior leaders make a difference by setting standards, establishing and maintaining an effective network of communication, and motivating subordinates to achieve excellence. As leaders, we mold the performance of an organization first by setting a command climate that encourages soldiers to take ownership of the mission and use their skill sets they have been trained in. There are many opportunities for soldiers to succeed within this command and leaders ensure these opportunities are exploited to the fullest. Having a mind set that is never closed, interested in hearing fresh points of view, and eager to address new issues are traits of leadership. Everything we do is training, never miss an opportunity to expand this concept in day-to-day operations. I believe that when we as leaders train our soldier to standard, equip them for success, and teach them to maintain their equipment we are developing future leaders. Most important, we are caring for soldiers, which is key to building successful units and will ensure we leave our units better than we found it.




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