Core Competencies

‚ÄčThe 1106th TASMG is a full-time operational depot of the ARNG. The unit is resourced to provide year round back-up AVIM and limited depot maintenance for ARNG aviation units of the thirteen western states. The 1106th TASMG provides a mission ready force to the federal government, and a ready for to the citizens of California by providing Military Support to Civilian Authorities (MSCA) during natural disasters and other emergencies. In addition, the TASMG provides service and support to the local community, in which we work and live.

a. Pre-mobilization: Perform aviation intermediate maintenance (AVIM) support and designated depot level maintenance as approved by appropriate DA Agency for Army aircraft, aircraft armament, aviation ground support equipment, and associated components for ARNG aviation programs.

b. Post-mobilization: Acts as Army Material Command (AMC) Aviation Depot Roundout

Unit and stations as directed to provide backup AVIM and designated depot level maintenance for deploying and/or deployed forces. Prepare to provide tailored maintenance and/or repair teams as required. Provide Army Material Command (AMC) with support forces as required

1106th TASMG
5168 E. Dakota Avenue
Fresno, CA 93727




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