Core Competencies

The 1-184th Infantry Regiment ("Second California") is the best of two remaining infantry battalions in the California Army National Guard. The battalion is a part of the newly created 79th Infantry Brigade Combat Team. The battalion has companies in the following locations:

HHC -Modesto, CA

A Co. -Visalia, CA

B Co. -Dublin, CA

C Co. -Auburn, CA

D Co. -Oakdale, CA

E Co. 40 BSB -Fresno, CA

The battalion motto "Lets Go!" reflects the attitude of these soldiers to get the job done! These weekend warriors train hard to ensure that they can accomplish their primary mission, "to close with and destroy the enemy by fire and maneuver," as well as their secondary mission of civil military operations. The battalion stands ready to deploy anywhere within the state at a moments notice to support disaster relief and civil disobedience operations. The battalion also prepares for scheduled overseas deployments in support of the war on terror.

For questions regarding the unit call the HQ  at 209-550-0639 ext. 3, or contact your local National Guard recruiter.




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